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Why am I relaunching EatsLeeds?

Why I’m relaunching EatsLeeds


Today is the day! I’ve been working really hard the past couple of months to releaunch my food blog, and now its finally live. New content The new & improved EatsLeeds blog has been launched with: Plant-based & gluten-free recipes The recipes on this blog are a combination of: Recipes originally posted on EatsLeeds (most of which have been updated to re-test the recipe and shoot better photos) Recipes posted on one of my other blogs: (my business blog, but I have been posting recipes semi-regularly on there for a while – more on that later) or

Recipe for Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

Gluten-free baking can be tricky. Getting a light and airy sponge or a soft and bouncy loaf is damn hard without the magic of gluten. Brownies, though, brownies are a whole different story. I always think gluten-free baking lends itself well to the things that are supposed to be a little bit soggy (moist, if you like). Lemon drizzle is excellent without gluten, for example, as are chocolate chip cookies. I have been inundated with birthdays and special occasions this month – it has definitely been time for some cake. I shared another gluten-free chocolate brownie recipe in the past

Vegan coronation chicken alternative: coronation chickpeas

This vegan alternative to coronation chicken is made with chickpeas and cashews in a twist on the classic. Coronation chicken was invented, so the story goes, for the Queen coronation in 1953. Its the most retro, kitschy ‘50s sandwich filling ever. But. As a vegetarian child of the ‘90s, I never tried that ‘coronation’ flavour growing up: my sarnies were always cheese and tomato or egg mayo, so when I finally discovered coronation sauce in my twenties, it was a taste sensation. A creamy dressing, with very mild and somewhat sweet, very vaugely Indian-style spices. Most coronation recipes call for

Credit: Dot & Scolly |

Between the first glimpses of real sunshine, and two bank holiday weekends, May feels a little bit like a holiday after the long, grey British winter. May is the time of year when we really start to see fresh herbs come into season, and can play with fresh flavours and bright dishes. I recently updated this rice & pea salad, which is full of fresh, seasonal herbs & greens. May is also the (unofficial) start of the street food season. With bank holiday weekends, and (hopefully) the start of decent weather, food festivals and other outdoor events begin to pop

What's in season in the UK in April?

Lots of vegetables and greens come into season in April. This is also the time of year when you can start to plant window boxes with fresh herbs: dill, basil & sorrel all come into season in April. Easter This year, Easter falls during April. Easter is a time for two types of food, in my book: Eggs Whether the chocolate variety or not, the quintessential imagery around easter is of eggs. So what’s a vegan to do? I’ve got a few recipes that directly mimic eggs, including this vegan shakshuka and my vegan tofu scramble, and I’ve got a

Pesto polenta with balsamic roasted tomatoes

I’m going to be honest guys, the first time I tried this recipe it was a total disaster. My grandma hasn’t been very well lately, so I’ve been trying to go round and see her once a week, and cooking up some comfort food when I get the chance. I turn up, take over my grandparents’ kitchen for forty minutes and then me (and whichever cousins and siblings happen to be there that day) literally sit at my grandma’s feet, eating bowl food and listening to some of the stories she’s gathered over the past 80-odd years on this planet.

What's in season in March?

What’s in season in March? February this year felt like the start of spring, but the actual start of spring (the spring equinox) is on 21st March. Lambs area-gambolling through the fields, crocuses are filling parks and gardens with a splash of colour and people up and down the country are realising that they’re adults who can have a whole Easter egg as a snack if they want to, you can’t stop me. March is full of reasons to celebrate with food: St, Patrick’s Day (with my Irish Potato Farl recipe), Mother’s Day (with my mama’s recipe for Aubergine curry)

Peanut Caramel Blondies

I’ve made all sorts of gluten-free vegan brownies and blondies over the years, and these caramel peanut ones are some of my favourites. Their centre, they’re thick and gooey and (dare-I-say-it) moist. But the sugar caramelises just so, to give a solid, crunchy crust at the edges, and on the top. Vegan caramel sauce The vegan caramel sauce is perfect for these blondies, but could also be used in all manner of desserts and cakes – drizzle some over your vegan ice cream, or in between the layers on a caramel cake. How to make brownies extra gooey in the

Where to get vegan food in Leeds

Leeds food scene is exploding and veganisnm is on the rise (better intro needed). As part of my mission to help people find the best free-from spots in Leeds, this mega-post acts as a companion to my post on eating gluten-free in Leeds. Like that post, there is some simple criteria for inclusion on this list: Offer at least one vegan main dish*: it doesn’t count if you have to cobble together a meal from a plethora of vegan side-dishes *or the equivalent of a main dish on your regular menu, be that small-plates or brunch options Make it easy