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Advice for going plant-based & gluten-free

Do you need separate equipment for gluten-free baking?

Do you need separate equipment for gluten-free baking?

While we’re in lockdown, I’m trying to publish some posts to EatsLeeds that I’ve had sitting in the drafts for a while. Did you know that I (briefly) started a baking blog a couple of years ago? This short post was originally destined for there.

As I recently spruced up the EatsLeeds Amazon shop – and many of us are spending more time than ever in our kitchens – this feels like as good a time as any to talk about what you might want to buy for you gluten-free stress-baking needs.

Essentials for cooking in a small kitchen

Just a quick FYI: My intentions with this blog are to help people who eat vegan & gluten-free. This is not diet, health or nutrition advice. Go and see a qualified medical professional for that sh*t, take care of yourself, & see my full liability policy here.

Gluten Free Baking Equipment

While cooking good food is an artform, baking is more of a science. Good baking, without gluten?

That’s closer to magic.

And every good magician needs the right tools.

Do I really need specific equipment for gluten-free baking?

If you (or someone in your household) is celiac, or seriously allergic or intolerant to gluten, you need to be careful when preparing food for them, to avoid cross-contamination.

Especially, if you don’t operate a totally gluten-free household, make sure to thoroughly wash all surfaces before cooking or baking. Additionally, wash all dishes, pans, utensils, etc. well (and dry them with a clean towel) before use. In their guidelines for avoiding cross-contamination, Coeliac UK advises to:

Wipe down surfaces. Clean pots and pans with soap and water. Use standard washing up liquid or a dishwasher to remove gluten.

Coeliac UK

Affiliate disclosure: his post uses affiliate links. If you purchase products or services via an affiliate link I’ll get a small commission (which supports the running of EatsLeeds) and it won’t cost you anything extra. I’ll specifically point out each affiliate link in the post. Learn more.

If you’ll be preparing food regularly for someone with celiac disease though, you may want to build up a set of specific gluten-free kitchen equipment, to ease the worry (and risk) of cross-contamination.

What Do I Need for Gluten Free Baking?

Gluten free baking is a law unto itself. To get it right, you need to follow the instructions. To the letter.

Which means that you gotta weigh and measure everything properly.

A digital scale* and a set of measuring spoons* are truly indispensable for gluten-free baking, I’m afraid. You probably already have these in your kitchen, but if not, you can get then pretty cheaply at my affiliate links below:

So, do you need specialist equipment for gluten free baking? Not necessarily. Just beware of cross-contamination with items that do contain gluten by cleaning well and wiping down surfaces between uses. And get precise about measurements to get the best results from your gluten-free baking alchemy.

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Kitchen essentials for gluten free baking

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