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Category: Advice for going plant-based & gluten-free

This blog isn’t about whether you should change your diet or lifestyle.

It isn’t about health or nutrition advice. Go and see a qualified medical professional for that sh*t.

And it certainly isn’t about weightloss.

This blog is about helping people who follow a vegan & gluten-free lifestyle (or people who want to).

Here, you’ll find tips & Advice for going plant-based & gluten-free.

The ultimate guide to gluten-free flour

Walking down the gluten-free aisle in a large supermarket these days, there are often dozens of varieties of gluten-free flour. Google the term and you have what can feel like a neverending list of options. The choice can be overwhelming, and a fear of getting it wrong often pushes people into buying pricy gluten-free blends, or worse, giving up altogether on baking and opting instead for packaged cakes and biscuits. Eugh. This post is going to take some of the mystery out of gluten-free flour. Hopefully, it’ll make it easier for you to work out how to substitute gluten-free flours

What is xanthan gum? And how is it used in gluten-free baking?

When you start out in gluten-free baking there are a few unusual products you might come across. They can seem kinda scary at first – until you know how to use them. Xanthan Gum seems is one of those weird, scary ingredients that most people don’t know about until they start baking gluten-free. Xanthan gum (along with the other things I’m going to tell you about in this post) is really the magic ingredient that can transform gluten-free bakes. No more flat, crumbly messes – xanthan gum helps you on your way to gorgeous cakes that people actually want to

Weigh ingredients on a digital scale for gluten-free baking

Baking (and especially free-from baking) can be unpredictable. Sometimes you get the perfect bake, but other times things don’t go quite to plan, even when you’re using the exact same recipe. Last week that cake was a thing of wonder – fluffy, and tasty and beautiful. So why has the same recipe just turned out a flat, soggy mess of a #PinterestFail? I think I have the answer: How did you measure your ingredients? This post first appeared on my short-lived baking blog, Bake & be Happy. More specifically, were you measuring flour in cups or on a kitchen scale?

Avoiding cross-contamination: Is your free-from baking really gluten-free?

Baking cakes, biscuits or bread for your gluten-free friends and family can be a lovely and thoughtful gift. But, if you’re not used to gluten-free baking (whether you’re just starting out on your gluten-free journey, or you’re baking free-from as a one-off experiment), you might be worried about getting it ‘wrong’. Its relatively easy to make your gluten-free bakes delicious – moist and flavourful and moreish. The biggest thing you should be worrying about is the risk of accidentally making someone ill. For people with coeliac disease, a severe form of non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) or a severe allergy, even

Do you need separate equipment for gluten-free baking?

While we’re in lockdown, I’m trying to publish some posts to EatsLeeds that I’ve had sitting in the drafts for a while. Did you know that I (briefly) started a baking blog a couple of years ago? This short post was originally destined for there. As I recently spruced up the EatsLeeds Amazon shop – and many of us are spending more time than ever in our kitchens – this feels like as good a time as any to talk about what you might want to buy for you gluten-free stress-baking needs. Gluten Free Baking Equipment While cooking good food

7 tips for free-from travel

Most people love to travel – I certainly do. But finding vegan & gluten-free food can be difficult when I’m on the road. Language barriers, unfamiliar brands & a carefree attitude can all make it feel like finding free-from food is too hard. I’ve made mistakes on more than one occasion, and ended up missing out on a few days of my holiday because I’m holed up in the bathroom. As the summer holidays are coming up & it feels like everyone is about to jet off on their own travels, here are some tips on avoiding allergens when travelling:

What to look out for on gluten-free labels

Ask pretty much everyone who reacts badly to gluten and they’ll probably be able to tell you a gastrointestinal horror story about a time they were accidentally ‘glutened’. Its happened to us all, and it is really shitty (in every possible sense of the word). Luckily for us, retailers and manufacturers have a legal responsibility to label ingredients and dishes containing gluten. In the UK at least, gluten is recognised as one of the 14 major allergens and must, therefore, be clearly labelled and highlighted in ingredients lists – they’re usually in bold, ALL-CAPS or underlined. It’s not completely fool-proof,


When I first made the decision to move to a plant-based diet (and it is still totally a work in progress) I thought I’d find it easy enough. Okay, I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. But, because I was used to food restrictions (being vegetarian & gluten-free already), I kinda thought I’d find it not-too-difficult, at least. I’m used to being awkward at restaurants, bringing emergency snacks wherever I go, and poring over labels and ingredients lists. But crikey, there are a whole bunch more ingredients to worry about when you’re avoiding all animal products. There

Easy meal-planning method

Living gluten-free and plant-based can be tricky at the best of times, and my number one tip for managing it is to plan, plan, plan (I have a whole post of other tips for going vegan when you’re gluten-free (or vice versa) here). When I’m on top of everything, I like to keep things organised by planning and preparing my meals and food every week. I’ve got my weekly gluten-free & vegan meal planning down to a fine art now. I use a plan/shop/prep method: Plan what you’re going to eat for each meal Write a list & shop for