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Category: Advice for going plant-based & gluten-free

This blog isn’t about whether you should change your diet or lifestyle.

It isn’t about health or nutrition advice. Go and see a qualified medical professional for that sh*t.

And it certainly isn’t about weightloss.

This blog is about helping people who follow a vegan & gluten-free lifestyle (or people who want to).

Here, you’ll find tips & Advice for going plant-based & gluten-free.

Tips for going vegan when you're gluten-free

I’m hardly a model vegan. I’m still on my journey to a completely plant-based diet and lifestyle, but I think, as long as we’re trying and doing our best and moving towards veganism, we should all be applauded. As a lifelong vegetarian, you’d think I’d find it easy to be vegan. You’d be wrong. It is hard, guys. But it is so worth it. For the health benefits ((affiliate link) read The China Study) For the environmental benefits ((affiliate link) read Food Revolution) And even without being an animal-lover, I know that I don’t want any animals suffering because of my