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Category: Lifestyle

I started EatsLeeds in 2016, to share some of the things I’m learning in my journey towards a gluten-free & plant-based lifestyle, and some of my favourite local eateries.

In 2017 I made the decision to move all my foodie content to my professional site,, in an effort to simplify things.

It did not simplify things.

So, at the start of 2019, I decided to pivot once more.

EatsLeeds was relaunched Easter weekend 2019, posting vegan & gluten-free recipes, advice for the newly free-from & food guides to Leeds.

But sometimes I post about other things.

This lifestyle section is a kind off catch-all: a home for my life updates, essays and other content that I enjoy posting, but doesn’t quite fit into my main categories.

What's in season in November?

Did you know I almost got married on bonfire night? We ended up moving the date, but I still love November. The smell of woodsmoke, the excuse to layer up in woolly jumpers and cute hats, pretty fireworks and (of course) toffee apples feels like the consolation prize for the clocks having gone back, and dark, cold mornings and evenings being well and truly upon us. I always think of November as an indoorsy month: those dark, cold days were made for thick blankets and vanilla scented candles, huge mugs of hot coffee and piles of books. Its a sort


Halloween. Crunchy leaves. Pumpkin spiced everything. What’s not to love about October? Autumn is my favourite season: the too-hot, unstructured days of summer are over and autumn breathes new beginnings & cosy evenings. Blackberrying is basically a national pastime when the weather begins to turn and the light gets golden, to blackberry & apple jam, crumble and cake are definitely still on the menu at the start of October. Also in high season? Pumpkin, and other squash. I love adding perfectly roasted squash to grain bowls at this time of year – it feels healthy but it’s just a bowl

Whats in season in september in the UK?

I see September as more of a new start than the new year. Maybe it’s that back-to-school feeling still haunting me, maybe its because my birthday is in September (marking the beginning of a new year of my life) or maybe its just the gear shift from too-hot-to-do-anything bank-holiday-filled August and into the start of chilly weather and the run-up to Christmas. Whatever the reason, I love that new-beginning feeling that comes in September. I’d rather have slightly-too-cold weather than too hot, any day. September is the season to shake out your woolly tights, kick booted-feet through piles of crispy

Why go running

I just signed up for a 10k (the AgeUK Leeds Abbey Dash, if anyone wants to join me) and I am not ready for it. Running makes me feel good, but that doesn’t change the fact that my running style is more Pheobe-from-friends than Mo Farrah. When I run, I’m slow and uncoordinated. But I guess, as long as I am running, I’m doing okay. But theres the kicker – as long as I am running. And I’m not always. I have a tendency to give it my all for a few months, miss a run, then miss another one,

Why I took a blogging break

Why EatsLeeds was on a Break


I’ve been blogging here at EatsLeeds for over a year now, and I’ve thought long and hard about taking this break. I had a hectic few months in early 2017, that included traveling + moving house + getting married, all in the space of six weeks before mid-May. To be honest, I was struggling to keep up with everything. Between day-to-day life (my day job, my freelance business, and developing recipes for EatsLeeds) and big-life-stuff life (buying a house and planning a wedding) I was stretching myself way too thin. I focussed on running regularly, feeding myself properly (and taking the

Ten Tips for Beginner Runners

I recently wrote about why I love running. That post has ended up being quite popular here on EatsLeeds, so I thought I’d share some tips to help beginners start their own running journey. Now, I’m starting to feel like a broken record as I talk about my current stresses in life (completing the purchase of our first home + getting married next month + hustling away at my freelance business besides my day job = much stress-eating and middle-of-the-night panicking. Not good). But here’s the thing: even after life calms down a bit, there will always be stress. And

How I Learned to Love Running

My on-off love affair with running started about five years ago. I took up running in late 2012. In the beginning it was mostly in an effort to ‘get fit’, and lose a few pounds (I’ve also been an on-off dieter since my mid-teens, my desire for the ‘perfect’ body at constant odds with my love of food). Fresh from volunteering at London 2012, I must have been gripped by Olympic fever, because before that day I think the last time I owned a pair of trainers was sometime around the end of mandatory P.E. lessons at school. Growing up

8 Little Things You Can Do Today to Feel Happier and Healthier

Little Tips to Help You Feel Happier + Healthier Do you ever feel like the way you’re eating and the way you’re living are stopping you from feeling at the top of your game? We’d all like to feel happier and healthier, but who has the time for a complete lifestyle overhaul? Certainly not me, and probably not you either. So take little steps, one day at a time, to help yourself feel happier and healthier every day. I’m know, I know: it can be really hard make healthy choices especially when you’re super busy and you don’t have a