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Category: Local: Where to eat in Leeds

I’ve almost always lived in Leeds (except for a few years in other cities in my early twenties).

In that time, I’ve watched the Leeds food scene evolve to become one of the most exciting and varied food destinations in the North.

The city is constantly expanding, and the local food and drinks scene produces some of the most delicious, inspiring, unexpected experiences you could wish for.

I’ve seen a sea-change not only in the growth of the Leeds food scene but also in the availability of free-from food.

From better allergen labelling to expanded gluten-free & vegan menus, its easier than ever to find food to suit any dietary requirement in Leeds.

How to support small, local, indie businesses (while social distancing)

This pandemic is scary. We just don’t know what’s going to happen, and we need to be kind to one another. Like many other Millennials with Boomer parents, one of my biggest worries is that they’re not taking this seriously. My husband and I are physically healthy, catching the virus myself is honestly close to the bottom of my list of fears right now. From a public health perspective though, it is so important that we stay the f at home as much as we can. Because, despite what the end-of-the-world memes and pithy social commentary would have you believe,

Where to get vegan & gluten-free food in Chapel Allerton

Last year, I updated and published my blog guides to gluten-free food in Leeds and to vegan food in Leeds (and my downloadable guide to free-from food in Leeds). Recently though, I’ve been getting questions about the best places for free-from food in specific areas of Leeds. I might live in the city centre, but I was brought up way out in the countryside on the outskirts of Leeds, and regularly spend time in leafy suburbia. I think it’s high time for me to talk about my favourite free-from haunts across the LS postcode. As I was recently gifted a

Health food shops in Leeds

I publish a lot of recipes on EatsLeeds, and while I have a philosophy of using fresh, seasonal and easy-to-find ingredients where possible, some vegan & gluten-free dishes really need something a bit harder to find. Where a recipe does include more obscure ingredients, I’ve usually linked to where you can buy it on Amazon (which is usually the cheapest option). You can generally pick up most of these ingredients in larger supermarkets, too. If you prefer to support local businesses, a health-food store is usually the best place to find more unusual ingredients. I often note in a recipe

Where to get vegan food in Leeds

Leeds food scene is exploding and veganisnm is on the rise (better intro needed). As part of my mission to help people find the best free-from spots in Leeds, this mega-post acts as a companion to my post on eating gluten-free in Leeds. Like that post, there is some simple criteria for inclusion on this list: Offer at least one vegan main dish*: it doesn’t count if you have to cobble together a meal from a plethora of vegan side-dishes *or the equivalent of a main dish on your regular menu, be that small-plates or brunch options Make it easy

Where to get Gluten-Free Food in Leeds

I’ve almost always lived in Leeds (except a few years in other cities in my early twenties) and I’ve been eating gluten-free since 2014. In that time, I’ve seen a sea-change not only in the growth of the Leeds food scene but also in the availability of free-from food. From better allergen labelling to expanded gluten-free menus, its easier than ever to find food to suit any dietary requirement in Leeds Bookmark this list, and send it to the next person who complains that its too hard to find anywhere to eat out with you. This post lists 50+ great

Where to go in Leedsfor gluten-free cake

All the best places to grab a slice of gluten-free cake in Leeds I just love a spot of coffee and cake. Whether its a break from shopping, a productive hour of focussed work time, or just whiling away an afternoon with a book, cake and a coffee are always in order. Since going gluten-free, I’ve sometimes had to forego an essential element of coffee and cake (that is, the cake), which is an utter travesty, to be honest. No one deserves to miss out on cake, so I’ve put together a list of the best places to grab a

Where to get vegan brunch in Leeds 2019

Where to head for the best vegan brunch in Leeds in 2019 Who doesn’t love brunch? I just love how indulgent it is to go out and have someone else make you breakfast in the middle of the day. Of course, you could make brunch at home, but who wants to do that? Instead, saunter on down to some of these joints, serving up some of the best vegetarian brunch in Leeds. I know, I know, brunch purists may say that brunch ain’t brunch without bacon, but I think they’re missing the point. Tofu scramble, avo toast and bircher meusli

Where to get gluten-free beer in Leeds [UPDATED for 2019]

Exploring the bars, pubs and shops that sell gluten-free beer in Leeds in 2019 Its no secret that I love a gluten free beer. Before I realised that gluten was causing my health problems, and gave it up in mid-2015, I was a massive beer-drinker. and to be honest, I still am. So, coeliacs and gluten-intolerant people of Leeds and Yorkshire, do not despair! You can still get a decent pint (or, more often, a decent can or bottle) in Leeds. And it isn’t all lager! This is, by no means, a complete list! If you know anywhere else to