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Category: Vegan & gluten-free recipes

I tend towards easy, wholesome meals. The kind of food that falls in the centre of the venn diagram marked ‘quick’ ‘healthy’ and ‘tasty AF’.

I also share some recipes that are a little bit more time-consuming to prepare, a little bit higher in calories and just as delish and good-for-you.

Not a treat. Not a cheat.

Just food that you want to make into an event (dinner party food, family barbecue food, I-had-a-shitty-day-at-work-and-now-Imma-take-the-time-to-fix-myself-something-tasty food)

These recipes are good food before they’re gluten-free food.

They are delicious food before they’re plant-based food.

They’re the kind of food that you can just serve up, to everyone, without a fuss.

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An easy green salad recipe

I actually developed the recipe for this salad months ago, jotting down notes on a piece of paper. And then, everything changed. My tasting notes for this dish seem more poignant than ever, now that we’re all locked up inside: This salad is basically the first day of spring, in a bowl: blossoms on the floor, the first time you step out of the office in the daylight, toes in the (still freezing) ocean, running through the park at dusk and all the inspirational shit we feel when the lambs start to dance. How I’m going to sit here and

gluten-free vegan banana bread recipe

This is weird and scary and lonely, isn’t it? I’m in a lucky position is so many ways. My freelancing income has gone down but I’m busier than ever in my day job, and able to work from home. Andy and I are able to get a mortgage break if we need one. We’re generally healthy and my family are, for the most part, safe and well. We have access to outdoor space on the balcony, and enough money to feed ourselves well. We don’t have children, which I’m counting as a blessing right now, and – while I’m an

Is buckwheat gluten-free? Chocolatey Buckwheat Breakfast Bowl

Some of the ingredients in this recipe were kindly gifted from, the UK’s online store for organic, whole, healthy foods. It’s December and Christmas may be on the horizon, but early mornings in winter still feel like a frozen wasteland of darkness and fatigue. The best winter morning pick-me-up? A hearty breakfast. This vegan & gluten-free alternative to porridge is creamy, sweet and best of all: hot 🔥 This recipe works just as well as a dessert or supper, for those with a sweet tooth, or pep it up with some fancy toppings (as pictured) for a special occasion


This post was first published on 7th September 2016 & has since been updated & republished. Tofu is a staple of most vegan kitchens, but for some reason seems to be the most commonly derided & sneered at of all the ‘vegan’ foods. I think that’s because most people have no idea how to prepare it. There are about a million-and-one ways to prepare tofu. I’m planning a big post where I gather some of my best tofu tips & recipes (be warned, I have a lot of tofu tips & recipes). First though, I wanted to update and reshare

Gluten free potato farls

This post was first published on 5th June 2016 & has since been updated & republished. Every year for the past few years, my family have packed up a weeks’ worth of clothes and a car full of dogs and driven somewhere for a holiday sometime during the summer. This year, ten of us (and two dogs) piled into two cars and drove to Dingle, Co. Kerry (via Holyhead). I love this week away – I’m so not normally a wet-dogs-sand-between-my-toes-getting-freckles in-the-sunshine kind of girl, but somehow, for that week, I run about in jeans and bare feet and and

Millet porridge | Is millet gluten-free?

I love eating porridge for breakfast – even in this weather! When I’ve got a busy day on my feet (usually when I’m onsite shooting food photography for clients), I need something a little more robust than a smoothie or a cereal bar. With more bite than traditional porridge, millet is a great gluten-free alternative to oats. Millet has a deeper flavour than oats, which is why I’ve added other strong flavour components in this recipe. Vanilla, maple syrup & dried fruit make the porridge sweet overall. Tart berries & zesty mint in my quick compote cut through that sweetness

Recipe for Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

Tis post was first published on 17 April 2017 and was updated & republished on 25 May 2019 Gluten-free baking can be tricky. Getting a light and airy sponge or a soft and bouncy loaf is damn hard without the magic of gluten. Brownies, though, brownies are a whole different story. I always think gluten-free baking lends itself well to the things that are supposed to be a little bit soggy (moist, if you like). Lemon drizzle is excellent without gluten, for example, as are chocolate chip cookies. I have been inundated with birthdays and special occasions this month –

Vegan coronation chicken alternative: coronation chickpeas

This vegan alternative to coronation chicken is made with chickpeas and cashews in a twist on the classic. Coronation chicken was invented, so the story goes, for the Queen coronation in 1953. Its the most retro, kitschy ‘50s sandwich filling ever. But. As a vegetarian child of the ‘90s, I never tried that ‘coronation’ flavour growing up: my sarnies were always cheese and tomato or egg mayo, so when I finally discovered coronation sauce in my twenties, it was a taste sensation. A creamy dressing, with very mild and somewhat sweet, very vaugely Indian-style spices. Most coronation recipes call for

rice and pea salad with mint, chives and herbs

This post was first published on 11 May 2016 and was updated & republished on 27 April 2019 This super-fresh pea salad came together as a quick and simple packed lunch option a few weeks ago, using ingredients I had in the house. The mint gives this dish a real feeling of spring. It would work perfectly as a side dish, or part of an early-in-the-season picnic. When I originally posted this recipe, my husband knew I’d been feeling a bit overwhelmed (I was working full time, running this blog, planning a wedding and trying to maintain some semblance of