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Category: Vegan & gluten-free recipes

I tend towards easy, wholesome meals. The kind of food that falls in the centre of the venn diagram marked ‘quick’ ‘healthy’ and ‘tasty AF’.

I also share some recipes that are a little bit more time-consuming to prepare, a little bit higher in calories and just as delish and good-for-you.

Not a treat. Not a cheat.

Just food that you want to make into an event (dinner party food, family barbecue food, I-had-a-shitty-day-at-work-and-now-Imma-take-the-time-to-fix-myself-something-tasty food)

These recipes are good food before they’re gluten-free food.

They are delicious food before they’re plant-based food.

They’re the kind of food that you can just serve up, to everyone, without a fuss.

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Vegan & gluten-free tempura batter with purple sprouting broccoli

This gluten-free and vegan tempura batter works for anything that calls for tempura. Coat a mixture of seasonal veggies before frying them all. Try making tempura with mushroom, courgette or even tofu. Tempura has a long history in Japanese cuisine, though it is thought to have been introduced to Japan by the Portuguese. Tempura refers to vegetables (or sometimes fish) cooked in a specific batter and deep fried. Traditionally, this batter would be made from wheat flour and eggs, whipped up in very small batches with chopsticks. The idea is to keep some lumps of flour in the batter, which

Vegan & gluten-free skillet cookie

Love cookies? If you eat gluten-free, it can be hard to find a cookie recipe that actually tastes like cookies. Soft in the middle, crunchy-brown on the edges and oozing with chocolate chips, this gluten-free and vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe is exactly what your inner cookie-monster has been craving. This could also make an easy last-minute dessert to serve up for your vegan gluten-free friend – it’s so good you can serve it to everyone, so there’s no need to make up a ‘special’ vegan and gluten-free dessert. The recipe is loosely based on a gluten-free cookie recipe I

Vegan & Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is like, the ultimate comfort food. Starchy carbs, gooey cheese sauce and a satisfying crunch on the top. Mac and cheese though seems like exactly the kind of junk food I thought I’d had to kiss goodbye to when I started eating plant-based & gluten-free. It is literally pasta and cheese – two examples of the exact things I no longer eat This vegan and gluten-free mac and cheese recipe brings that comfort food right back to your table. This recipe gives you the basis for many a cheesy dish – use the vegan cheese sauce component

vegan and gluten-free doughnut recipe

I’ve posted gluten-free doughnut recipes before. My glazed gluten-free doughnuts are kinda healthy – made with coconut, rice flour and ground almonds and baked in the oven, instead of frying. Now, don’t get me wrong, they are delish – tasty and sticky and sweet – but sometimes the healthy version isn’t what we want. Eating plant-based and gluten-free can sometimes feel like you’re on a permanent ‘diet’. Especially when eating out, the gluten-free & vegan option is all-too-often a salad or a stew. And I mean, I love salads. I love a plate full of vegetables & colour & flavour.

Vegan Shakshuka Recipe

I know, its probably, like, a crime to call something ‘shakshuka’ if it doesn’t contain eggs. Literally, the dish is egg. But, no matter. Imma just go ahead and do it anyway 🤷‍♀️ This recipe makes a one pot fancy AF brunch, with no animal derived foods. How do you make vegan eggs taste eggy? The vegan egg replacement in this recipe is basically a riff on tofu scramble – not quite the baked eggs you’d normally find in Shakshuka, but the taste is definitely not far off. Black salt is the secret to that slightly sulphuric ‘egg’ taste. I

Vegan & Gluten Free Burgers

Is anyone else 100% over the summer weather & ready for autumn already? Or flat has been like a greenhouse all summer. I know that sunlight is good for you, I know it’s supposed to make you cheerful, but it just makes me sticky and irritable. As a girl who lives for cute wool tights & fluffy socks & cardigans, who has piles of blankets in every room and a hot water bottle with a name, Summer is not my time of year. One thing I am going to miss about summer now that the cold nights are drawing in?

Gluten Free Baked Donuts

I haven’t had a glazed doughnut since around 2014, but passing a donut shop in town the other day just gave me a craving for them. Glazed donuts are a sticky, sugary pleasure. They’re also made with wheat flour, eggs & milk – definitely not gluten-free or plant-based. But people avoiding gluten and animal products shouldn’t miss out on the fun. I developed this glazed donut recipe for my sister’s birthday – she loves a classic Krispy Kreme glazed dozen – and it has her seal of approval. These  gluten-free baked donuts have a slightly heavier texture than a regular

Simple Tofu Scramble

I’ve said before that brunch is my favourite meal of the day. Brunch out with mimosas & friends, brunch to share with morning-after-the-night-before gossip, lazy brunch in my pyjamas with coffee and a book. Brunch is the best. However. A really good plant-based and gluten-free brunch can be kinda hard to find. Even if you do track one down, vegan & gluten-free food is often also super healthy food. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good smoothie or a bowl of granola with almond yoghurt but after one too many (gluten-free) pints, mega healthy is probably not at the top

Orange, Tomato & Sunflower Seed Salad

This orange, tomato & sunflower seed salad was inspired by a recent conversation with one of my oldest friends. I think we were both lamenting a recent lack of fresh fruits & vegetables in our lives. Has the recent hot weather had anyone else living on a diet of pub snacks, barbecue food and ice lollies? Anyway, she gave me divine inspiration to make something fresh and colourful and tasty and summery. This dish is gorgeous. Like I mean yeah, it tastes delish (that goes without saying for any recipe I post on here). But the bright, jewel-toned colours make