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Category: What’s in season?

I share vegan & gluten-free recipes, advice for anyone embarking on this lifestyle, and guides to the best places to find free-from food in Leeds.

I’m all about eating in a a way that feels good, using fresh, seasonal, easy-to-find ingredients.

That’s why, every month, I share a list of what’s in season in the UK, as well as a list of recipes that use seasonal ingredients.

Whats in season in september in the UK?

I see September as more of a new start than the new year. Maybe it’s that back-to-school feeling still haunting me, maybe its because my birthday is in September (marking the beginning of a new year of my life) or maybe its just the gear shift from too-hot-to-do-anything bank-holiday-filled August and into the start of chilly weather and the run-up to Christmas. Whatever the reason, I love that new-beginning feeling that comes in September. I’d rather have slightly-too-cold weather than too hot, any day. September is the season to shake out your woolly tights, kick booted-feet through piles of crispy