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Category: Lunch & cold food

An easy green salad recipe

I actually developed the recipe for this salad months ago, jotting down notes on a piece of paper. And then, everything changed. My tasting notes for this dish seem more poignant than ever, now that we’re all locked up inside: This salad is basically the first day of spring, in a bowl: blossoms on the floor, the first time you step out of the office in the daylight, toes in the (still freezing) ocean, running through the park at dusk and all the inspirational shit we feel when the lambs start to dance. How I’m going to sit here and

Vegan coronation chicken alternative: coronation chickpeas

This vegan alternative to coronation chicken is made with chickpeas and cashews in a twist on the classic. Coronation chicken was invented, so the story goes, for the Queen coronation in 1953. Its the most retro, kitschy ‘50s sandwich filling ever. But. As a vegetarian child of the ‘90s, I never tried that ‘coronation’ flavour growing up: my sarnies were always cheese and tomato or egg mayo, so when I finally discovered coronation sauce in my twenties, it was a taste sensation. A creamy dressing, with very mild and somewhat sweet, very vaugely Indian-style spices. Most coronation recipes call for

rice and pea salad with mint, chives and herbs

This post was first published on 11 May 2016 and was updated & republished on 27 April 2019 This super-fresh pea salad came together as a quick and simple packed lunch option a few weeks ago, using ingredients I had in the house. The mint gives this dish a real feeling of spring. It would work perfectly as a side dish, or part of an early-in-the-season picnic. When I originally posted this recipe, my husband knew I’d been feeling a bit overwhelmed (I was working full time, running this blog, planning a wedding and trying to maintain some semblance of

Orange, Tomato & Sunflower Seed Salad

This orange, tomato & sunflower seed salad was inspired by a recent conversation with one of my oldest friends. I think we were both lamenting a recent lack of fresh fruits & vegetables in our lives. Has the recent hot weather had anyone else living on a diet of pub snacks, barbecue food and ice lollies? Anyway, she gave me divine inspiration to make something fresh and colourful and tasty and summery. This dish is gorgeous. Like I mean yeah, it tastes delish (that goes without saying for any recipe I post on here). But the bright, jewel-toned colours make

Black bean broccoli & sweet potato bowl

Sometimes, I just need something fresh. After all the indulgence of holidays, these simple, green, filling bowls were absolute bliss last week. Veggies. Grains. Flavour. Perfection in a bowl. Now, I made two bowls from this recipe, but I was hungry as hell when I made it. This could easily serve three, or even four as a light lunch. Consider yourself warned, These are hungry piglet portions of hearty food – I don’t do tiny slimline bowls. These black bean, broccoli and sweet potato bowls make a healthy and filling lunch or dinner when made up fresh and hot, but

Recipe for orange and almond salad

This Orange and Almond Salad makes a quick & healthy lunch. As most of you know, I’ve been oscillating recently between healthy eating, to make sure I look my best on the beach (in two weeks) and at my wedding (in seven weeks) and stress-eating baked goods like there’s no tomorrow. So this week I’m sharing a quick packed lunch that is stuffed with greens and has a little sugary sweetness. Now, I love a bit of kale (see my recipe for winter squash + kale curry). But I know raw kale can have a somewhat bitter flavour. The sugary

Broccoli & Quinoa Salad with Chickpeas

This easy broccoli & quinoa salad just goes right in the centre of the Venn diagram marked “healthy” “delicious” and “can be whipped up in 20 minutes” Seriously, it is so easy to throw together when you’re pushed for time and need something healthy and delicious on the table in between finishing one thing and scurrying off to the next. I straight up love broccoli when its just steamed or wok-fried a little (think green and crunchy, not grey and soggy). I’ve been eating it so much recently, that my husband-of-the-future announced the other day that he had to get some

5-Minute Carrot & Raisin Salad

Make this carrot & raisin salad in 5-Minutes flat This carrot & raisin salad recipe was kindly sponsored by Jamie’s Italian. I’m loving getting back to making and eating some fresh, delicious dishes after the food madness of December. This Moroccan-inspired carrot & raisin salad makes a super healthy lunch, packed with vegetables, chickpeas and olive oil, and it can go from cupboard to table in just five minutes. I love Moroccan flavours – somehow warming and zesty fresh at the same time. Despite being served cold, the spices and olive oil in this dish make it quite warming, and