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Why I’m relaunching EatsLeeds

Why am I relaunching EatsLeeds?

Today is the day!

I’ve been working really hard the past couple of months to releaunch my food blog, and now its finally live.

New content

The new & improved EatsLeeds blog has been launched with:

Plant-based & gluten-free recipes

The recipes on this blog are a combination of:

  • Recipes originally posted on EatsLeeds (most of which have been updated to re-test the recipe and shoot better photos)
  • Recipes posted on one of my other blogs: (my business blog, but I have been posting recipes semi-regularly on there for a while – more on that later) or (a very-short-lived attempt at a baking blog – I was going through some stuff, okay?)
  • Original recipes developed & shot for EatsLeeds (with lots more in the works)

Some of the recipes from the original EatsLeeds site and from Bake & Be Happy weren’t vegan (I’m a lifelong vegetarian, but only went plant-based in the last 18 months or so). I’m in the process of veganising those dishes & re-shooting them, with a plan to have then all republished in the next few months.

Check out my ideas for:

Peanut caramel vegan blondies

Advice & ideas for going vegan & gluten-free

As mentioned, I’m a lifelong vegetarian, but cut out animal products almost completely in the past few years. I also went gluten-free in 2014. I have a lot of knowledge and tips to pass on, around living the plant-based & gluten-free lifestyle, and I’m sharing them all here.

Why not start with my guide to going vegan when you’re gluten-free.

Free-from guides to Leeds

The blog is called EatsLeeds, after all.

When I first started this blog, I envisioned a hub of restaurant reviews, and glamorous dinners at the newest venues across the city.

Yeah, I guess I like, forgot that I’m a massive introvert who hates leaving the house (not to mention the cost of eating out so often).

It turns out, I have more of a knack for developing recipes and writing about food and the free-from lifestyle than I do for reviewing restaurants.

I do love to try new places to eat though, and the food scene in Leeds is massively exciting. I don’t review individual restaurants, but I have compiled guides to finding vegan and gluten-free food in the city.

Start with my ultimate guide to eating vegan & gluten-free in Leeds in 2019.

Where to go in Leedsfor gluten-free cake

Tips for eating seasonally in the UK

Something that I feel strongly about and which, I think, goes hand-in-hand with veganism, is eating fresh, local, seasonal produce.

Part of my philosophy when creating vegan and gluten-free recipes is trying to stick to ingredients that are naturally free-from, and easy to find.

For both of those things, we need to know what’s in season right now. Along with my monthly ‘life update’ posts, I list the fruits and vegetables that are in season in the UK.

I’ve also pulled all those monthly lists of seasonal produce into this short guide to eating seasonally in the UK.

Lifestyle content & regular updates

At the end of the day EatsLeeds is still my personal blog.

I love to write, and I struggle to stay focused on one thing at the best of times, so I’ll be posting some general lifestyle content & essays that don’t quite fit into any designated categories.

I’ve been posting regular ‘life update’ posts for a while on (alongside my monthly lists of seasonal produce). I’ve moved those over here, and plan to continue them. They’re a little more personal – a small, online record I can look back on. I include life events, updates on how various projects are going, and some general stuff about my mindset & feelings, too.

What to look out for on gluten-free labels

Why am I relaunching EatsLeeds?

Good question

EatsLeeds launched in 2016. It was my original, very first food blog, and do you know what? It did really well for a while.

I think I just got (as is completely normal in the blogger world) a bit complacent, and out of the habit of blogging and I started to feel like it was a real chore.

When I make the decision to close EatsLeeds, I had a lot going on in my life – a lot of happy things. I was getting married and buying a house but my mental health, to be honest, wasn’t the best.

Blogging fell by the wayside and in my head I just thought it was time to call it a day. I have a very ‘all-or-nothing’ personality (its something I’m working on…) and I thought, “I’ve abandoned the blog for months, there’s nothing I can do now, I just have to delete it and start something else“.

And do you know what, looking back, I think that was probably the right thing for me the time (even if it maybe wasn’t the most rational decision ever). You can read more about that decision in this post.

I needed to take some time away from the blog to make me think how much I do enjoy it and to work on my mental health, and to settle into the next phase of my life, and get my head back into the right space.

My relationship with calories

In 2017, I started my freelance food writing & marketing business (go to for more on that), on the side of my day job in marketing.

In an effort to simplify things, I moved most of my foodie content away from EatsLeeds nd onto my professional site.

Surprise! It did not simplify things.

So, I’ve been thinking for a while about pivoting once again.

I do really enjoy food blogging, and I miss having a separate, personal space for that, online.

I recently made the jump down to 3 days (per week) at my ‘day job’, which means I have more time to spend on my own business – and on creative projects like this.

I am going to keep EatsLeeds predominantly as a food blog, full of tasty recipes (the things I actually cook), personal tips & thoughts, and guides to my favourite places to eat in the local area.

I also like having the blog as a sort of showcase for my freelance business. Keeping my own food blog as a creative space, where I can develop & show off my skills in photography, in recipe creation, in writing and in general content marketing.

I guess, I’m relaunching EatsLeeds because I love food, but being vegan & gluten-free can be really hard sometimes, and I think sharing some of those struggles might help other people who eat the same way.

I’m relaunching it because I want to grow and learn more about writing/photography/marketing, and what better way to develop those skills than by actually doing it?

And I’m also relaunching EatsLeeds because I’m a basic millennial , and having a personal blog as my creative ‘home’ online just feels right.

why I'm relaunching my food blog

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