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My go-to smoothie recipes

I started having smoothies for breakfast on-and-off a few years ago, and its a habit I’ve adopted into my weekday routine. Before I started having breakfast smoothies, I worried they wouldn’t fill me up, but you’d be surprised. I make my smoothie before I leave for the office (on days when I’m not working from home) and drink it at about 9, once I’m settled in for the day. A mid-morning snack (usually a piece of fruit) is enough to keep me full until lunchtime. And how else could I have (usually) 2-3 portions of my five a day before

Vegan frappe iced coffee smoothie

This vegan frappe is really my ‘treat’ smoothie. It’s definitely not breakfast – more like an iced coffee (though the addition of oats does make it very filling). Coffee & chocolate are a perfect match for oats, and it even manages to include a portion of fruit. You can get more breakfast smoothies here, like this classic tropical green smoothie or this pink smoothie with berries & almonds. This vegan frappe recipe is perfection on a hot day – drinking blended, creamy iced coffee reminds me of long, hot summer days on the beach. The first holiday I took with

Recipe for pink smoothie

I’m definitely an advocate of smoothies for breakfast (when the weather is warm enough to leave my porridge behind). A pink smoothie like this one though, makes a great snack, too. I often work on my blog and freelancing in the evening, after I get home from work, and a smoothie at 5:30 when I get in sets me up for a few more productive hours before a late dinner If its the ‘green’ that puts you off smoothies, berry varieties are the way to go. This one is such a bright, jewelled pink, it looks more like a dessert

simple recipe for green smoothie

I often have smoothies for breakfast (especially in the warmer months). I know a green smoothie isn’t real breakfast (in the way that a bowl of hot porridge or a couple of rounds of buttered toast are). But sometimes I’m in a rush and I just want to kneck a few of my five-a-day and get on with my morning. It literally takes me about 3 minutes to get breakfast sorted when I start the day with a smoothie. This (or some variation on it) is my ‘standard’ day-to-day smoothie. I’ll usually take a green smoothie into the office with

Tips for going vegan when you're gluten-free

I’m hardly a model vegan. I’m still on my journey to a completely plant-based diet and lifestyle, but I think, as long as we’re trying and doing our best and moving towards veganism, we should all be applauded. As a lifelong vegetarian, you’d think I’d find it easy to be vegan. You’d be wrong. It is hard, guys. But it is so worth it. For the health benefits ((affiliate link) read The China Study) For the environmental benefits ((affiliate link) read Food Revolution) And even without being an animal-lover, I know that I don’t want any animals suffering because of my

Black bean broccoli & sweet potato bowl

Sometimes, I just need something fresh. After all the indulgence of holidays, these simple, green, filling bowls were absolute bliss last week. Veggies. Grains. Flavour. Perfection in a bowl. Now, I made two bowls from this recipe, but I was hungry as hell when I made it. This could easily serve three, or even four as a light lunch. Consider yourself warned, These are hungry piglet portions of hearty food – I don’t do tiny slimline bowls. These black bean, broccoli and sweet potato bowls make a healthy and filling lunch or dinner when made up fresh and hot, but

Why I took a blogging break

Why EatsLeeds was on a Break


I’ve been blogging here at EatsLeeds for over a year now, and I’ve thought long and hard about taking this break. I had a hectic few months in early 2017, that included traveling + moving house + getting married, all in the space of six weeks before mid-May. To be honest, I was struggling to keep up with everything. Between day-to-day life (my day job, my freelance business, and developing recipes for EatsLeeds) and big-life-stuff life (buying a house and planning a wedding) I was stretching myself way too thin. I focussed on running regularly, feeding myself properly (and taking the

Recipe for orange and almond salad

This Orange and Almond Salad makes a quick & healthy lunch. As most of you know, I’ve been oscillating recently between healthy eating, to make sure I look my best on the beach (in two weeks) and at my wedding (in seven weeks) and stress-eating baked goods like there’s no tomorrow. So this week I’m sharing a quick packed lunch that is stuffed with greens and has a little sugary sweetness. Now, I love a bit of kale (see my recipe for winter squash + kale curry). But I know raw kale can have a somewhat bitter flavour. The sugary

Ten Tips for Beginner Runners

I recently wrote about why I love running. That post has ended up being quite popular here on EatsLeeds, so I thought I’d share some tips to help beginners start their own running journey. Now, I’m starting to feel like a broken record as I talk about my current stresses in life (completing the purchase of our first home + getting married next month + hustling away at my freelance business besides my day job = much stress-eating and middle-of-the-night panicking. Not good). But here’s the thing: even after life calms down a bit, there will always be stress. And