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Simple Hummous Recipe

A simple, homemade humous recipe, with three variations on the classic Humous is one of my all-time favourite food groups (and don’t you try to tell me that humous isn’t a food group, because it is definitely part of my food pyramid). Recently, I’ve been experimenting with my simple homemade humous recipe, to showcase a few variations on the classic. So, you might be aware that I’m trying to move towards a more plant-based lifestyle, but it is hard, you guys, especially being gluten-free too. I’m cutting myself some slack at the moment, allowing myself a few meals a week

How I Learned to Love Running

My on-off love affair with running started about five years ago. I took up running in late 2012. In the beginning it was mostly in an effort to ‘get fit’, and lose a few pounds (I’ve also been an on-off dieter since my mid-teens, my desire for the ‘perfect’ body at constant odds with my love of food). Fresh from volunteering at London 2012, I must have been gripped by Olympic fever, because before that day I think the last time I owned a pair of trainers was sometime around the end of mandatory P.E. lessons at school. Growing up

Aubergine Curry Recipe

My mama makes a mean aubergine curry. This isn’t her recipe, its my own version, but it is divine (If I do say so myself). I’m going to be honest: for some reason this dish took more attempts than normal to develop. Like way more. I wanted it just right and it kept coming out not-quite. I finally nailed it (I think!) so make sure to give this one a try. I know I keep saying it, but honestly it is beautiful! I love to cook with aubergine – I love how roasted aubergines just melt in the mouth. This

Broccoli & Quinoa Salad with Chickpeas

This easy broccoli & quinoa salad just goes right in the centre of the Venn diagram marked “healthy” “delicious” and “can be whipped up in 20 minutes” Seriously, it is so easy to throw together when you’re pushed for time and need something healthy and delicious on the table in between finishing one thing and scurrying off to the next. I straight up love broccoli when its just steamed or wok-fried a little (think green and crunchy, not grey and soggy). I’ve been eating it so much recently, that my husband-of-the-future announced the other day that he had to get some

5-Minute Carrot & Raisin Salad

Make this carrot & raisin salad in 5-Minutes flat This carrot & raisin salad recipe was kindly sponsored by Jamie’s Italian. I’m loving getting back to making and eating some fresh, delicious dishes after the food madness of December. This Moroccan-inspired carrot & raisin salad makes a super healthy lunch, packed with vegetables, chickpeas and olive oil, and it can go from cupboard to table in just five minutes. I love Moroccan flavours – somehow warming and zesty fresh at the same time. Despite being served cold, the spices and olive oil in this dish make it quite warming, and

Simple Gluten-Free Granola Recipe

Learn how to make homemade gluten free granola, with this super simple granola recipe So, first post of January! There is something about the start of a new year that is just exciting, isn’t there? Though I’m not one for setting resolutions, exactly. I hate the pressure people put on themselves to overhaul their whole lives in January and, for me, setting high expectations for a million different things that just NEED to change right now is a recipe for tears come February, when I haven’t managed to keep up with my #BrandNewLifestyle. I have started making a few changes

Purple Cabbage Stir Fry with Red Wine and Chestnuts

This purple cabbage stir fry with red wine and chestnuts makes a delicious, wintery alternative to salad Now, I love a good salad, but there’s a time and a place, no? This purple cabbage stir fry is a great option for when you want something light and healthy, but it’s just too damn cold for a salad, no matter how delicious it is. This bright purple dish always looks pretty served up as a vegetable on the side (it’s somewhat adapted from my Ma’s traditional Christmas red cabbage stir fry), but is just as delicious served as a standalone lunch

Where to go in Leedsfor gluten-free cake

All the best places to grab a slice of gluten-free cake in Leeds I just love a spot of coffee and cake. Whether its a break from shopping, a productive hour of focussed work time, or just whiling away an afternoon with a book, cake and a coffee are always in order. Since going gluten-free, I’ve sometimes had to forego an essential element of coffee and cake (that is, the cake), which is an utter travesty, to be honest. No one deserves to miss out on cake, so I’ve put together a list of the best places to grab a

Winter Squash and Kale Curry

Warm up your day, with this fragrant, wintery squash and kale curry This squash and kale curry is perfect for winter: full of warming and comforting flavours of spice and coconut, butternut squash roasted to melt-in-your-mouth perfection, and packing in some green vegetable goodness to (hopefully) help you stave off any winter bugs. So, I did catch a horrible winter bug last week (I don’t think any amount of kale would have kept this one at bay). A little forward planning and preparation (thanks, past me!), have meant that I’ve still managed to get a new recipe up here every