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Breakfast & brunch Vegan & gluten-free recipes

My Three Go-To Smoothies

My go-to smoothie recipes

I started having smoothies for breakfast on-and-off a few years ago, and its a habit I’ve adopted into my weekday routine.

Before I started having breakfast smoothies, I worried they wouldn’t fill me up, but you’d be surprised. I make my smoothie before I leave for the office (on days when I’m not working from home) and drink it at about 9, once I’m settled in for the day. A mid-morning snack (usually a piece of fruit) is enough to keep me full until lunchtime.

And how else could I have (usually) 2-3 portions of my five a day before I’ve even really started?

Easy vegan smoothie recipes

It literally takes me about 3 minutes to get breakfast sorted now (which means an extra 10 minutes in bed, no?) To make my daily smoothie I use more of a formula than a recipe, so don’t take these as gospel – play around, use whatever you’ve got in the house, or whatever you prefer, to find a roster of smoothies that you love. My basic formula goes something like this:

Formula for the perfect vegan smoothie

  • Start with a piece of fresh fruit

    Usually a banana, but an apple or a big chunk of honeydew melon work well

  • Add some frozen fruit

    Cherries, raspberries, mango, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, or mixed frozen fruit, literally whatever. I usually buy frozen fruit from the supermarket, but when I see a really good offer on berries or other exciting fruits I’ll snap them up and freeze them myself

  • Throw in a handful of greens

    Spinach, kale and cavolo nero are all good options. This is the bit that can put people off smoothies. A small handful of greens makes up one of your five-a-day though (not to mention that green vegetables like these have a bunch of added health benefits).  Once your smoothie is all whizzed together, you can’t even taste the greens through all those fruits and extras

  • Add half a cup of liquid

    I use vegan milk like soy, almond or coconut, but try juices too. Around a cup is usually enough, as well as around half a cup of water

  • Ice it up

    Especially if you’re taking your smoothie to-go, adding ice adds thickness and texture, and keeps it cool

  • Now add your fun extras for flavour and texture:

    • Nut butters

      The obvious peanut, or try almond or cashew for something more interesting

    • Herbs

      I like to add fresh mint or basil to my berry smoothies when I have them growing on the windowsill during summer

    • Seeds

      Sunflower, poppy and pumpkin seeds all add a crunchy texture, and chia or linseed will give you a thicker smoothie

In this post, I’m sharing the recipes for two of my absolute go-tos: a classic tropical green smoothie, and a pink berry smoothie.

I’m also sharing my special chocolate coffee smoothie, which is basically the smoothie version of cake for breakfast. A total sweet treat, not a tonne of nutritional value but plenty of feelgood flavour for those mornings when you just need caffeinated sugar

Any blender or smoothie-maker will do the job, but a personal blender (like a (affiliate link) Breville Blend Active, which is the one I’ve used for the last 2+ years and is still going strong, or a (affiliate link) NutriBullet, for for a more premium option) makes life so much easier for daily smoothie making – just add everything to the bottle, blend, rinse the blades and screw on the drinking cap and you’re good to go.

My go-to vegan smoothies

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My Three Go-To Smoothies

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