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This resource will be released in May.

Here on EatsLeeds, I write about the plant-based & gluten-free lifestyle.

I advocate eating in a way that feels good for you, using fresh, seasonal, easy-to-find ingredients. Eating a gluten-free and plant-based diet is what feels right for me.

Now, I’ve collected some of my favourite recipes & no-BS advice into this 7-day meal-plan.

7-day vegan & gluten-free meal plan

I’ve made it clear that this blog is not about telling you to eat a certain way. It isn’t a weightloss blog (and it certainly isn’t a nutrition blog – I have zero nutritional/healthcare/medical qualifications, please go and see a doctor if you’re having real health issues).

This guide is for you if:

  • You want to go plant-based & gluten-free (but you have no idea where to start)
  • You’re already following a plant-based & gluten-free lifestyle (and you need some recipe inspiration)
  • You are vegan and now have to go gluten-free
  • You have coeliac disease (or a non-coeliac gluten-sensitivity) and want to go vegan

This 7-day meal-plan should give you a helping hand in kickstarting your plant-pased & gluten-free lifestyle.

7 day vegan & gluten-free meal plan

This resource will be released in May.

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