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This blog may focus on eating vegan & gluten-free, but its actually about more than that.

You shouldn’t have to see what you eat as special free-from food (for that weird fussy eater).

I believe in using simple, easy-to-find, seasonal ingredients to make tasty, you-wouldn’t-know-its-free-from meals. Which is where my guide to eating seasonally comes in.

What's in season in the UK?

What’s in season in the UK?

Every month, I post a list of what’s in season, along with my personal updates. Now, I’ve blended all those blog posts into a single, downloadable eBook guide.

In the guide, I’ve listed the fruits, vegetables, greens and other foods (like nuts or herbs) that are in season each month. The guide also includes links to recipes that use those seasonal ingredients every month.

Download the guide below, so you always know what’s in season in the UK.

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List of whats in season each month in the UK

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