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Category: What’s in season?

I share vegan & gluten-free recipes, advice for anyone embarking on this lifestyle, and guides to the best places to find free-from food in Leeds.

I’m all about eating in a a way that feels good, using fresh, seasonal, easy-to-find ingredients.

That’s why, every month, I share a list of what’s in season in the UK, as well as a list of recipes that use seasonal ingredients.

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Between the first glimpses of real sunshine, and two bank holiday weekends, May feels a little bit like a holiday after the long, grey British winter. May is the time of year when we really start to see fresh herbs come into season, and can play with fresh flavours and bright dishes. I recently updated this rice & pea salad, which is full of fresh, seasonal herbs & greens. May is also the (unofficial) start of the street food season. With bank holiday weekends, and (hopefully) the start of decent weather, food festivals and other outdoor events begin to pop

What's in season in the UK in April?

Lots of vegetables and greens come into season in April. This is also the time of year when you can start to plant window boxes with fresh herbs: dill, basil & sorrel all come into season in April. Easter This year, Easter falls during April. Easter is a time for two types of food, in my book: Eggs Whether the chocolate variety or not, the quintessential imagery around easter is of eggs. So what’s a vegan to do? I’ve got a few recipes that directly mimic eggs, including this vegan shakshuka and my vegan tofu scramble, and I’ve got a

What's in season in March?

What’s in season in March? February this year felt like the start of spring, but the actual start of spring (the spring equinox) is on 21st March. Lambs area-gambolling through the fields, crocuses are filling parks and gardens with a splash of colour and people up and down the country are realising that they’re adults who can have a whole Easter egg as a snack if they want to, you can’t stop me. March is full of reasons to celebrate with food: St, Patrick’s Day (with my Irish Potato Farl recipe), Mother’s Day (with my mama’s recipe for Aubergine curry)

what's in season in February?

February might be the shortest month of the year, but for me its usually the first time I feel like I’m getting really into the swing of things. Like, I’ll spend half of January trying to recover from Christmas. Then I’ll spend the other half feeling behind the sofa cushions for change to buy basic groceries. The shortness of February is a nice reprieve after the looong gap between the early pre-Christmas payday and the end of January. (Not to mention that some of us* may have overspent a tad bit during the Christmas season). *Me. The accusatory ‘some of

What's in season in January?

Oh, January. The month when we set the highest expectations for ourselves (#NewYearNewMe) and yet are purportedly likely to be the most miserable. I’ve mentioned before that I view September as more of a ‘fresh start’ than January, and I don’t entirely believe in setting resolutions. Having said that, I am (ever the contrarian) setting myself some goals this year. Fig & Fennel I launched my food photography business Fig & Fennel at the end of 2018, but I’ve been sort of waiting (procrastinating) until the new year to start working on it in earnest. I’m making Fig & Fennel

What's in season in November?

Did you know I almost got married on bonfire night? We ended up moving the date, but I still love November. The smell of woodsmoke, the excuse to layer up in woolly jumpers and cute hats, pretty fireworks and (of course) toffee apples feels like the consolation prize for the clocks having gone back, and dark, cold mornings and evenings being well and truly upon us. I always think of November as an indoorsy month: those dark, cold days were made for thick blankets and vanilla scented candles, huge mugs of hot coffee and piles of books. Its a sort


Halloween. Crunchy leaves. Pumpkin spiced everything. What’s not to love about October? Autumn is my favourite season: the too-hot, unstructured days of summer are over and autumn breathes new beginnings & cosy evenings. Blackberrying is basically a national pastime when the weather begins to turn and the light gets golden, to blackberry & apple jam, crumble and cake are definitely still on the menu at the start of October. Also in high season? Pumpkin, and other squash. I love adding perfectly roasted squash to grain bowls at this time of year – it feels healthy but it’s just a bowl

Whats in season in september in the UK?

I see September as more of a new start than the new year. Maybe it’s that back-to-school feeling still haunting me, maybe its because my birthday is in September (marking the beginning of a new year of my life) or maybe its just the gear shift from too-hot-to-do-anything bank-holiday-filled August and into the start of chilly weather and the run-up to Christmas. Whatever the reason, I love that new-beginning feeling that comes in September. I’d rather have slightly-too-cold weather than too hot, any day. September is the season to shake out your woolly tights, kick booted-feet through piles of crispy